New CDC Hygiene Pages on Water, Sanitation, and Environmentally Related Hygiene June 2022

Safety & Cleaning (COVID-19)

Soap inactivates the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 by dissolving the lipid (fatty) membrane that envelops the virus.

Because soap inactivates the coronavirus, it is a cleaner and a sanitizer.

Definitions to know:

  • To Clean: the act of removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces and objects. Works by using soap/detergent, water and friction for physical removal.

  • To Sanitize: the act of reducing germs on surfaces and object to safe levels of 99.99%.

  • To Disinfect: the act of destroying almost all infectious organisms.

  • Dwell time/kill time/contact time: the time a disinfectant or sanitizer needs to remain wet on a surface or object before it kills bacteria and viruses.